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Lemau the Shampoo fan
I am that guy that hates the majority of people. If you care to be one of those few that form the exception, and with that, the reason why I still breathe? Other than Shampoo anyway? All I ask is that you speak and post English. Or Dutch in a pinch.

Things I have an open mind for:
- Constructive criticism: I strive to improve myself in nearly every way possible (except if I explicitly say I do not want to improve).
- Quirky habits. I'm pretty sure I have some myself.
- Obsessive (collective) behavior. As stated in many places, I am a huge Shampoo fan. To the point of obsession (and beyond!)
- Arguments: Not everyone agrees with me, and I implore you to not take everything I say without any resistance. I may or may not be right, but if you wish to disprove my statements, please heed the other rules.
- Hypocrisy: If I were to disapprove of this, I'd be the world's biggest hypocrite. ^_~

Things you'll find that tick me off:
- Excessive swearing, sexism, feminism, masculism. I know I make the occasional lightly sexist tainted joke, and please take it with a grain of salt, but if you blow it out of proportions, you're mine. I am very much pro-equality concerning sexes and race, but I do not wish to be target of overly feminist (or masculist, for that matter!) actions. It's the new black vs. white, and I will not play a part in it.
- Bashing my friends (Online OR Offline): Those that offend my friends, offend me. Those that offend me will be void of their rights on my journal, and may or may not be exposed to ridicule, textual flagellation and/or de-friending without further comment.
- Death threats: While I might make the occasional death threat to random political people, I tend to get all uppity when I see people I know get threatened. My journal, my rules.
- Religious propaganda: This is my personal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". I don't care if you're religious, and retroactively, I don't want to know. My journal is not the most god-friendly and WILL contain my opinion on the ridiculousness of religion. You have been warned.

One more warning:


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I grow more obsessed with the purple haired lady from Ranma ½, also known as Shampoo, every day.

Still introduced to LJ by Mumu and Hel! : D